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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Library Thing

Finally, a site I think is really cool! I really like the whole idea of creating a catalog of your own personal library. Downside is that when I go to put mine in I find it is woefully shallow. After working at a "real" library for more than 20 years I find I buy very few books. I have never felt a need to "own" books. I have been a library patron all of my life. I think it's because I read so much I could never afford to buy all that I wanted to read! Anyway, I do plan to work on my catalog, which I must admit is mostly diet cookbooks purchased in part to assuage my usually lackluster dieting habits! Here is the link to my catalog:
Whew, finally a link worked! I am still trying to get that darn Rollyo searchbox to copy right. Maybe tomorrow...


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