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Sunday, September 24, 2006


I find podcasts to be fairly self-grandizing for the podcaster and kind of boring for the listener. Most of what I heard (and I sampled podcasts on all 3 of the sites mentioned in the exercise directions) was people using it not to educate or enlighten but just to pontificate about their beliefs or ideas. I'm not saying that is particularly a bad thing, just not something I want to waste my time hearing. I would imagine that if I spent enough time on the sites I could probably find someone whose views and speaking manner pleased me enough to subscribe. But I am beginning to be overwhelmed by all that cyberspace has to offer, and find that to keep my sanity I need to limit my "online addictions" to what I'm really interested in spending time doing. I don't think listening to podcasts will make my cut from all the other choices you have given me in this sampling exercise known as "Learning 2.0". But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the sampling--you never know when you will find something that really sparks your interest. So thanks, Helene, for starting me on this journey. If I'm really honest I'll admit it started as just a means to the end of receiving a new MP3 player, but it has become so much more as I've been introduced to a whole new world I was unaware existed!


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