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Friday, September 01, 2006

RSS and Bloglines

I am so happy to finally be able to post on my lunch hour! I don't know whether everyone has just been hitting the library 2.0 blog at the same time or our server is just slow but I have had real problems this week getting the instructions blog to pull up so I can work on the exercises here at work. I enjoyed learning about RSS. I can see where that might be very addicting, and that's something I really don't have time for at this point in my life. Most days when I get home I want light entertainment for myself until I have to go to bed--you know, a game or two (I love JigZone jigsaw puzzles and Miniclip Sudoku--try to do them every day), read e-mail (right now my neice is doing an internship in Ecuador so she writes about her experiences almost daily), and surf the web for entertaining things I don't have to concentrate too much on. I signed up for several RSS feeds (mostly news and sports related) so we'll see how long I can keep up with reading all of them. I really liked Technorati for searching blogs. I find people so fasci/nating--I've even had fun reading all the PLCMC blogs and speculating on just who the author of my favorites might be. Some of us are more entertaining than others! Here is the URL for my public blogline account: I also really liked the "Library Link of the Day" Here is the link for that one Later!


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