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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Technorati was an interesting site, and I can see where it could be useful for those with much more time on their hands than I have! Under "Learning 2.0" there were more than 20,000 blog posts. There were many fewer entries under tags and still less under directories. I did spend some time reading blog posts from "library alley", which I at first thought was one of my co-workers but now I believe isn't. Whoever this is they are on an Australian holiday and went to the Australia Zoo the day after Steve Irwin died. Interesting first hand accounts of how Australia is reacting to the death. Anyway, I don't really feel my personal blog (even if it is mostly work-related) needs to be shared with the world, so I did not "claim" my blog. I did see that several familiar nom-de-plumes from our list of participants were represented when I searched on Learning 2.0 in Technorati.
(Way to represent, Questing Librarian!)


  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Lori said…

    When you are searching technorati the default is to search the posts, which will search for learning and 2.0 anywhere in the post. Try changing the drop down box to search for learning 2.0 TAGS and you will see a big difference. These are all the items that people have taken the time to tag in their blog as Learning 2.0.


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