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Sunday, September 17, 2006

To Wiki or not to Wiki

Hmm. I can see both sides of the Wiki debate. While I do see some interesting uses for them I also see where popular ones can get out of hand with folks who are just interested in spouting off about their personal biases eating up bandwidth chatting about nothing. Of course, the same argument could be made about blogging, with some justification. That is the big dichotomy of Web 2.0 in general--while it encourages self-expression and community it also fosters blow-hardiness and ego. I don't even find MY musings all that interesting, so how could I possibly be that fascinated by anyone else's? For me, I think the new will wear off soon. I am enjoying seeing all that is out there, and truthfully without PLCMC's Learning 2.0 I'm not sure I would have ever visited or even heard of most of these sites. So since I believe in the concept of education being important in and of itself I do believe this is a worthwhile exercise. Will it change my habits or enrich my life? The jury is still out! But back to Wikis. I can see from some of the library-related sites some ways that Reader's Club in particular could become more of a community by allowing participation and imput from other readers than just our staff. I think they are moving in that direction anyway, so maybe a Wiki is the form it should take.


  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger Perfect Stranger said…

    Actually Reader's Club already allows user's outside of library staff to enter reviews.


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