Library Biz

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ending or beginning?

Helene, I agree that it is hard to believe this learning journey is almost over. I can honestly say that although frequently the time involved to achieve the tasks was overwhelming (particularly on payroll processing weeks) it was always worth it in the end. I began the tasks thinking I was pretty computer savvy but quickly learned that I had no idea to what extent technology had passed me by. Although "blogging" was on my radar "wikis" certainly were not, and even though I had visited YouTube before I had not heard of (and yes, I still have to double check the placement of those pesky dots!). I can see the relevance of these types of sites to the libraries of today, who are scrambling to stay relevant while honoring traditions at the same time. It is harder to directly connect what I do to the technology, but as a firm believer in learning for learning's sake I can appreciate being offered the opportunity to at least be exposed to what's new. And several of the sites have already become favorite bookmarked places (ie Library Thing and flickr) even though they are more private life related than work related. I would like to thank PLCMC for sponsoring this adventure, and I hope that the success of this one spawns more programs like it. And yes, I would participate again! Thanks also to the author(s) of this program--it had to be a lot of work, but it showed in the quality of the product. Well done, and thanks again!